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5 Benefits You'll Get from Hiring a Momtrepreneur

I'm sure you've heard the term Momtrepreneur. By some definitions it is a mother who starts a business from home; it may also be defined as a woman who is nurturing an entrepreneurial streak while also nurturing a family and home. 

Regardless of your own interpretation of the word, I'm here to explain why hiring one (specifically for your wedding, florals or other type of event task) will actually benefit you directly.  And in some situations these benefits cross over to other industries. 

 Moms are never off the clock

Moms are never off the clock

  1. Their overhead may be less.  I'm going to cut to the chase with one of the biggest benefits of hiring a momtrepreneur and that is the fact that their overhead may be less.  Moms who start their own businesses very often start from home.  Whether they're baking cakes in their own kitchen, or running a wedding planning business out of their home office, the odds that they are renting a physical space right out of the gate are lessened. And even as they grow, they may simply opt to work from home due to their need to balance work life with mom life. What does that mean for you? Well, if they aren't paying $2k in rent to open a store-front floral shop, that savings will most likely be reflected in your final bill. 
  2. Moms can juggle just about anything. Tracking down a vendor's contact information while simultaneously baking cookies for the fourth grade bake sale has given your momtrepreneur wedding planner the skill set she needs to juggle just about anything leading up to and on the day of your wedding.  Plus, moms are used to operating off of very little sleep so they aren't afraid to put in the extra hours for you. Groomsman is sick from drinking the night before? She has no problem with the puke he just left in the bathroom.  Your MOH forgot to prepare a speech? This isn't the first time she's had a homework assignment to assist with. Dad's missing his car keys?  Trust me, at her house, Dad's always missing his car keys.  No problem at all!
  3. You're inevitably getting a deal.  Like with any startup or non-childbearing entrepreneur, momtrepreneurs have to start somewhere and in doing so they are likely to offer up deals and discounts.  Because they aren't answering to a bigger corporation and they themselves are making the rules, you can do business with Mom on a more personal level.  If Mom herself is writing your invoice, she can control the wiggle room on the final numbers where as if you're going through a larger company, policies and rates are more set in stone. Don't get me wrong, you can't take advantage of Mom; she knows the word "no" better than just about anyone. However, she's not in this for the money alone and because of that she brings a level of understanding and generosity to the table that can ultimately lend itself to unique deals and opportunities. 
  4. Moms are extremely resourceful.  Remember how your own mother's purse felt like a scene from Mary Poppins? Moms in the event-planning business take that to a new extreme. Her diaper bag is probably filled with a tape measure, wet wipes and enough duct tape to make Macgyver jealous.  She's over prepared in just about any situation and can problem solve her way out of just about any situation.  This is going to help you out when it comes not only to the physical and aesthetic details of your wedding, but also with things like negotiating deals with other vendors and with saving the day on the day of. 
  5. You'd be supporting someone's dream... and someone's family, and someone's sanity.  Momtrepreneurs take on a business for many reasons. Some do it so they can stay home with their kids. Some need the money to support their family.  Others want to pursue a passion outside of their world of diaper changes and carpool lines.  Regardless of the specific reasons, your support goes a long way and is deeply appreciated more than you may ever know.