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To My Son on Your First Birthday

(plus images from your party)

 Photo by Alison Boyle of The Camera Scarf

Photo by Alison Boyle of The Camera Scarf

There were two lines on a stick. 

I didn't believe it. I tried again.

Still two lines. 

And there you were. 

Could you tell how anxious I was?

Those butterflies in my stomach as you grew...

... A blueberry

A lime

An eggplant. 

I talked to you and sang to you and called you by your name as the months went by. 9 months

Then 28 hours. 

And there you were. 

Squishy and small and gray. I thought you were perfect. 

I held you. I fed you. I counted your fingers and your toes. 

I memorized every curve of your face. 

I fell in love. 

Big fat huge crazy stupid love. 

I realized I'd spend a lifetime loving you. Teaching you. Giving to you with no expectation for return. 

I swore I'd do all the things...

The cloth diapers. The sleep training. The organic homemade food...

...and there you were making me question every move. 

Trying my patience. 

My sanity. 

Making me mentally elevate my own mother's status to that of a saint. 

When you smile, when you laugh, when you fall asleep holding my hand…

there's such clarity to my life. 

We will learn and grow together. 

Every day is a new adventure for us until you're ready to embark on your own. 

One day I was just a girl, with a stick, with two lines...

...and there you were. 



Thanks for making me a mommy. Happy 1st Birthday my sweet sweet boy.


Design and Florals: RTTO Events; Rentals: Otis and Pearl; Location: Reel Kick Ranch, Malibu, California

Photography: Combined efforts of The Camera Scarf, RTTO Events and Angie Keller