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A Letter to My Unborn Son

I've worked on a lot of baby showers and baby parties over the last year. In fact, knowing the birth of my baby was just days away, we decided to take on another shower (don't worry, I have already been informed of my insanity).  It was this past weekend, and I'm thrilled to say, quite a success! I'm forever grateful that I have the support of an awesome team to pull off anything, regardless of the circumstances. 

Baby showers are such an exciting time in a mother's life - just one of the many moments during pregnancy filled with love, joy and new experiences. While contemplating these moments,  I recently wrote this letter to my baby boy and while I imagine there will be many more letters from Mom in his future (many of which he'll find just as cheesy as this one), I wanted to commemorate how I'm feeling about him and his future at this very moment.

I've also included a few photos from the "Giving Tree" photo shoot I designed with Jessie Samedi of House of James Parker.  How lucky we were to have the help of the amazing photographer Julie Shufford, and the talented Mai Kato along with access to the gorgeous landscape of Old Canyon Ranch. 

To my baby boy,
Though our eyes haven't met, I know you, and I will always love you.

I promise to protect you.

And I promise to show you how much I love your father.

I promise to listen to you even if I don't always agree.

And I promise to try to recognize that your interests may not make sense to me.

I hope you learn to laugh at life like your dad, and to have passion for adventure like me.

I promise to build forts and play with you in the rain and the mud and if we can't find trees to climb or puddles to jump in nearby, I'll take you to them.

I promise to teach you to swim and surf and ski and ride a bike.

I promise to help you grow your relationships with your grandparents.

And I hope you'll know your great grandparents for many years to come. You have a lot to learn from them.

I hope you aren't afraid of hard work.

Or of quitting if something isn't right.

I hope you'll stand up for what you believe and for those who don't always have a voice.

I hope you know that sometimes the hardest decisions are the right ones and that going against the grain is ok.

I hope you treat people with kindness and respect and rejoice in the uniqueness of others.

I hope you learn to create and tell stories and play tricks...especially on your dad. He deserves it.

I hope you understand, at least eventually, that when I make you write thank you notes and clean your room and hold open doors that I'm doing it because I'm raising you to become an amazing man.

I hope that you are more beautiful, more intelligent, more successful and happier than I could imagine. I'm not raising you to be like me, but rather to be better than me.

I hope you keep your chin up and your smile wide and that you never give up on things that are important to you.

I promise to teach you to follow through on your commitments.

I hope you understand that it is ok to lose and to fail.

I hope you'll love to try new foods, but that you won't love peanut butter quite as much as your father.

I hope you see the value of a dollar. And the value of an education.

I hope you see the value in waiting for the things you really want even if it means giving up something more immediate.

I hope you love the outdoors, and books, an animals and veggies.

I hope you have friends so amazing you call them family. And family so close you consider them friends.

I hope you laugh hard and long.

And I hope one day you know how much you are loved and that you experience it in a way that I've been so blessed to experience because of you.
Once there was a tree... and she loved a little boy. ~Shel Silverstein